Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Podcasting - Online Marketing Business Promotional Strategy

Podcasting: A New Strategy To Include in Your Online Marketing Plan

Starting a new business on the internet can be overwhelming for most newcomers. This happens because there are so many free and paid ways to do the online marketing of your website, services and products that even an experienced internet marketer could be slightly confused.

During a new online marketing training program I bought I came up against a new way to market a website online. It is a free and can spread the word about your business in addition to traditional online marketing strategies you use so far like: article, video, press releases, blogging, social media marketing etc.

This new way allows you to create an additional option to your readers and potential customers to access your content and this option is called "podcasting". A podcast is an accumulation of Audio-video files that's distributed all over the internet and uses distribution feeds. If you use wordpress blogs for your online business you can install a plugin named "Odiogo" after following the instructions they give you on the actual Odiogo site after you type your blog's feed and your email where it is asked.

Podcasting turns your readers into listeners as it adds voice to your blog posts and furthermore increases the amount of back links (deep links) you get to your site, from the several "add a podcast" locations where you can add your own newly created podcast feed. It is almost the same as when you add your normal blog feed to an RSS feed aggregator site.

Anytime you add a new post on your blog a podcast version of your entry will be automatically created as well as distributed via the podcast feed aggregator sites you have added it too. A "Listen Now" button will be placed at the start of each of your posts and a very decent computerized voice will be doing text-to-speech reading.

Creating a podcast for your Wordpress blog is free through Odiogo site and it allows your readers to "listen to" your content instead of simply reading it. Many people are listening types rather than reading types.

With that said, I wish you a successful podcast creation to include in your online marketing business plan.

Joanna Vaiou is an Online Marketing Specialist - Diamond Level Expert Author from Greece. She offers Online Marketing Training resources and provides answers to her readers questions about anything related to how to start an online business and how to market it successfully.

Her recent e-booklet: " Online Marketing Plan For Success in 11 Steps" covers just about that and gives a clear blueprint for new people that want to start but don't know where and how.

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